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Can I get my jewellery wet?

Yes and no. Water generally doesn't damage sterling silver, But water does cause silver to oxidize (darken) more quickly, and what type of water and the chemicals in it has an impact on how much it will cause your silver change colour.  

Here are some tips


My advice is to wear your silver jewellery (the oils from your skin help keep it clean), remove when washing/sanitising your hands if you can. If you slip up it’s probably not the end of the world - most changes that occur do not imply permanent damage and can be cleaned at home, or professionally cleaned. If you’re on holiday and getting in the pool or ocean every few minutes I'd personally take it off and store it in a sealed plastic bag in a dry place. When not wearing your jewellery every day it's best to store it in the anti-tarnish bag provided!

Shower water
I would take it off but there aren’t harsh chemicals in tap water that would react significantly with your sterling silver jewellery. The soap and water can even help wash away any residue from your skin and dirt in the air that can also cause your silver to look dull. 

Pool water
I wouldn't. Swimming pools are treated with chlorine, and chlorine reacts with sterling silver. So depending on how much chlorine is in the pool, you’ll probably have to clean your silver if you’re swimming frequently.

Hot Tubs 
No thank you! There’s even more chlorine in hot tubs, and it’s hot. Chemical reactions generally speed up at higher temperatures, so I’d definitely try to take off your silver before getting in the pool.  You might notice a definite color change afterwards that could take a lot of cleaning.

Salt Water 
Not a good idea. Salt can be corrosive and will also leave a residue on your jewellery which would need to be cleaned off.  Take it off before going in the water but If you forget, try to rinsing it and dry it off with some clean water afterwards.

If you do get your jewellery wet then the best thing to do is dry it with a clean soft cloth and then give it a buff with the polishing cloth provided.
You can also send your jewellery back to me for a FREE clean and polish, you just pay the postage. 

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