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VAT, sales tax, GST and any other import duties is the customers responsibility for all international orders outside of the UK.

Brexit import changes explained:

Before Brexit no import duties or taxes were charged to European customers as I am based in the UK. This is because trade within the EU and single market borders was counted the same within one country.  However, because the UK is no longer part of the EU and is now a single market, VAT will now be charged to European customers. This tax goes to the government of the country in which the order has been delivered. It is the sole responsibility of European customers and it will be charged at the normal rate of VAT in the customer's country.

Import duties and taxes have always been the responsibility of the customer, this is standard for e-commerce businesses and my loyal customers in other parts of the world have always had to be responsible for them. However I fully appreciate that this may present a big change for my hugely valued European customers.

I am very unhappy about these changes and the other problems Brexit has made.  As a very small business (meaning just me) I am unable to take responsibility for the charges as I keep my pricing as low as possible for you.





Austria   France


£50.00 order = £10.00 VAT

Belgium   Ireland

Netherlands   Spain


£50.00 order = £10.50 VAT

Cyprus   Germany


£50.00 order = £9.50 VAT

Denmark   Sweden


£50.00 order = £12.50 VAT

Finland    Greece


£50.00 order = £12.00 VAT



£50.00 order = £11.00 VAT



£50.00 order = £8.50 VAT



£50.00 order = £11.50 VAT


These charges will be collected by the courier before they deliver your order – this is done via email with an online bill and payment link, your order will not be released until payment has been made, late payment may result in the order being sent back to me. I will not be held responsible for return shipping if this occurs.  Please take a look at the table to work out an approximate charge. 

Please note that the rates are taken from the most up to date sources but I take no responsibility for any more recent changes made by destination countries as this is out of my control. Additional 'administrative' import duties may also be charged in addition to VAT Please check with your government for the most up to date VAT rate and customs duties information.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email to