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Jewellery Services


Gold Jewellery

Love gold jewellery?

I can create products in all metals so if you'd like something made in gold then please get in touch. My website products aren't stocked and listed in gold due to the rising costs of gold. Each design needs to be priced at the current market price of gold so if you'd like a product or a bespoke piece made in gold please get in touch.

Jewellery Repairs and

Got a piece of jewellery that needs repairing? Broken chain? Send me some photos so I can see if it can be repaired or if it needs remodelling. Damaged settings might not be possible to repair. Repairs start from £10.

Have a bracelet that you struggle to put on? I can make alterations to your jewellery by adding adjustable clasps etc.


Jewellery with Breastmilk

I can add breastmilk, hair, fabric, pregnancy tests and much more to a jewellery. 

Just the same as the bespoke design process I will discuss design ideas with you and keep in touch at every stage of the making process to create a truly unique piece of jewellery.  You can find out more here

Jewellery with Ashes

If you would like to add a loved ones ashes to a piece of jewellery I can create you a design with honour and respect. Just the same as the bespoke design process I will discuss design ideas with you and keep in touch at every stage of the making process to create a truly unique piece of jewellery.

I can add ashes either to resin or I can encapsulate the ashes inside a piece of jewellery. You can find out more here.

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Lucy Ashton Jewellery repairs and alterations handmade sterling silver

Bespoke Jewellery Designs 

All items are handmade by myself so I can alter, personalise any design to create a unique piece just for you or create the perfect gift. If you have an idea in mind then I can create a bespoke piece from scratch.The process starts with an email or a video call to discuss design ideas, budget etc. The next stage I will create sketches or computer designed images with possible ideas to discuss what you like, don't like. Once you are happy with the final design I will create an invoice to start the making process. I will keep in touch with you throughout the entire making process at every stage so you can see the design come to life.

Jewellery Cleaning, Polishing and Refinishing

All products purchased from Lucy Ashton Jewellery can be cleaned for FREE, you just pay the postage. If you have some jewellery that you haven't purchased from me then I can still clean and polish for as little as £10 plus postage. You must know what metal the jewellery is made from. 


Ring Resizing

Ring Resizing. Do you have a ring that needs resizing? I can increase your ring size so you can start wearing it again. There are a few factors that will determine how your ring will be resized and how many sizes it can be increased by. Can my ring be resized? This all depends on the ring band, thickness, metal and the design. Rings that can't be resized are eternity rings and If your ring has a setting with lots of stones, I might not be able to work around the ring band. If your ring band is thin then I probably won't have enough metal to work with in the first place to increase it. How much will it cost?Depending on the style of ring and metal, the cost starts at £20. There are many factors that go into the cost of resizing. Each ring design will need to be taken into consideration. 

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