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Ring Size Guide

Lucy Ashton Jewellery Ring Size Guide


  1. Your fingers change size! Measure your fingers later on in the day, when they’re warm and at their largest. That being said, don’t measure your fingers on a very hot day after a weekend of drinking alcohol and eating salty foods - you don’t want your fingers super swollen. A standard end-of-day weekday where you’ve had a moderate amount to eat /drink is best.
  1. If you have big knuckles, measure your finger, then measure your knuckle, and then choose a ring size in between them.
  1. Your dominant hand is usually 1/2 size larger than your other hand, so which hand you measure matters!

  2. Once you've figured out the ring size of each of your fingers, make a note of it in your phone, or write the size on each of your fingers and take a photo of your hand.  This way you'll never forget your ring sizes!
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